I am a final-year Journalism undergraduate at Kingston University in London. 

Born and raised in Belgium, I left the country at the age of 13 to go live in Morocco for 4 years, and then went on to complete my high school diploma and International Baccalaureate in Thailand where I lived for 2 years.

It is during those 6 years abroad that my interest in journalism began after joining yearbook classes in Morocco and developing skills in creative writing during my time in Thailand. 

I am the former news editor of the award-winning student newspaper The River, where I have written all kinds of articles on topics ranging from climate change and student life to terrorism and police brutality. 

I enjoy making videos and watching documentaries, which is the reason why I have developed an interest in broadcast journalism. 

I am passionate, determined and hard-working and ready to break outstanding stories whether they're on print or video. 


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